Will there be different groups formed in these meets based on any criteria
What does it cost to attend an event?
Can I bring a non-participating Chaperone/friend or sibling along?
What is the format of the meet?
Can I attend this event multiple times ?
How many total guys and gals do you allow per event?
What does it cost to attend an event?
Can I do Volunteer Work ?
Do you provide any other support ?
Is Vivah a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization?
What should I wear? What is the dress Code
Who should I contact If I have a question?
I have registered but I have not got any confirmation
Can I bring my friend who has not registered for the event?
I was asked to confirm my attendance through RSVP, Why?
I participated in the event and have not got any matches?
I will be traveling to the event from another city. Where should I stay? Do you have any recommendations