Event FAQ

Question: What are the next steps after I complete my registration?

About 3-5 days before the event, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your attendance. If you do not confirm, you may lose your spot. Sometimes, some singles lose their spot because our confirmation email ends up in your spam folder. One way to prevent that is to add our email address to your trusted contacts (hinduvivahus@gmail.com).

After we receive your confirmation to attend email, we will often send you another email, closer to event date. This final email will have event details, and will spell out what is further expected of you. Please answer these emails promptly, to preserve your spot.

Question:  How can i know about your new event announcements?

Please add your name to your mailing list (one of the tabs on our main page on our website)

Question: Can i bring a chaperone (Parent, sibling, friend, relative)?

Sorry, none of them will be allowed inside the event hall.

Question:  Are your events one long event, or can i come and go as i please? 

Our events are structured as long long event, where you will need to be present from start to end.  You cannot join in the middle, and our doors close a little after the announced start time.

Question: What is the format of the service you offer?

We offer a mix of Zoom-based virtual events, and in-person events in various North American cities. Our dating format is typically a hybrid of speed dating, games, and mixers.

Question: Do you offer any personal matchmaking services other than these meets?

Sorry, we do not offer any personal matchmaking services at this time.

Question: Do you form different groups based on any criteria?

We do not separate our attendees based on country of origin, Jaati, varna, race, previous marital status, education, etc. However, we do categorize our events around a narrow age range, since most Hindu singles ask for that. If the registering person is a Hindu unattached single, intending to explore a matrimonial relationship with another Hindu single, they are welcome to register to attend our events for their relevant age group.

Question: What about immigration status?

We will sometimes do an event just for Citizens/Permanent Residents of US/Canada. At other times, we will do events where all Hindu singles that are located within the US and Canada are welcome to register, regardless of their immigration status. Currently we do not accept registrations from Hindu singles not currently residing in the US/Canada. Please pay close attention to our flyer that will mention what immigrant categories can register for that particular event.

Question: What does it cost to attend an event?

The events are sponsored by donors from the Hindu community; hence they are completely free of charge to all its attendees.

Question: What is the format of the meet?

You will need to create an online candidate profile, which is for our records only. The profile will not be shared with anyone. Then you register for the specific online meet you qualify for. At the event we will ask you to hold up your government issued ID to your camera, where one of our volunteers will verify your identity (name and age), without making any video/picture record of it.

You will then proceed to a short introduction of our organization, after which you will be able to chat with prospective Hindu singles. When you have finished meeting all the singles at the event, you will be asked to fill a ‘Preference Sheet’ where you will indicate which singles you would like to further converse with. After we determine all the 2 way matches (you asked for them, and they also asked for you), we will email you all each other’s contact information, so you can contact each other and possibly explore a relationship leading to marriage.

Question: Do you offer any help after the event?

We may sometimes hold a one on one meet of two-way matched singles, usually a week from the event itself. This however depends on the level of interest from the matched singles. Many a time, the 2 way matched singles go ahead and start talking directly anyway, thus eliminating the need for a second meet organized by us.

Question: How do you protect the identity of the attendees?

We usually do not release your full profile to others, unless you specifically give permission for us to do so.

Additionally, we ask you to only use your first name during the zoom meet, thus keeping your identity discreet, and making it easy for you to keep your video on during the event. Only after you have a two-way match with others, do we mutually release your full name and contact information.

Question: Can I attend this event multiple times?

Sure, you can. But we try to give everyone a chance, and you may not be able to attend two consecutive events for your relevant age group, IF we have others waiting.

Question: How many singles does an event usually accommodate?

The maximum total number of singles (including all ladies and gentlemen) that can attend an online event is 50, and in-person events are limited to 250 attendees.

Question: Who should I contact if I have any question?

You can contact any volunteer whose name appears at the bottom of our flyers, or can email us at hinduvivahus@gmail.com

Question: Do I get a confirmation after I register?

Not always. Just because you entered a registration form does not mean you are eligible and accepted for the event. You can email us to check your acceptance status anytime. Sometimes we may stop considering those that are registering when our spots are already full, or when there is a huge imbalance between the 2 registering genders. We will try to put those eligible singles that show interest, and could not be given a spot, on top of the list for the next relevant event.

Question: What else do I need to know?

About 3-5 days before the event date, we will email you to re-confirm your attendance. This is necessary since we have limited spots which can get wasted if you do a no-show, and we do need to confirm that you still plan to attend. Besides, sometimes your overanxious relatives may sign you up without you being aware, hoping you will attend, and most of these types of cases end up not showing up. So, we ask you to please take the re-confirmation seriously.

If your plans change AFTER reconfirming that you will attend, we ask you to let us know the earliest you possibly can (before the event). A no show wastes our limited resources and deprives an anxiously waiting waitlisted Hindu single from attending. Therefore, a no show without any communication before the event is likely to make you ineligible to attend a future Hindu Vivah event.

Question: What can we, the Hindu Singles do to help?

The most important thing you can help us with, is getting your eligible Hindu friends and family members to register for our events. The more that register, the greater the likelihood that you yourself will find an ideal match. Please post our flyers in all social media platforms you can.

If you do make a lasting relationship using our platform, we request you to give us a testimonial that we can use on our website.